Quickie Fest

Quickie Fest: The One Minute Movie Festival was created in 2016 by Mike Muntner and Anna Roisman. The comedic duo hosts and produces the festival in NYC. Quickie Fest showcases the best short-form videos 60 seconds or less. The only challenge is, 'Can you tell a story in a minute?' Quickie Movies range in style from comedic to animated, silent films to  dramas, documentaries, and some surprises we've never heard of!


The festival takes place in one evening. Winning movies are announced at each festival: The Special Jury Selection, The Audience Selection, Best Actor, and Best Actress and some fun surprises. ‘The Special Jury’ is made up of professionals in the industry: Directors, Producers, Actors, Artists, Comedians and Musicians. 


Past ‘Special Jury’ members have joined us from TruTV, Above Average, Comedy Central, Cowboy Bear Ninja, Us Weekly, BET, Huffington Post, The President Show, ArtSlant, Buchwald, Risk!, One Tree Hill, ABC News, NBC News, TAXI TV, and SNL!


There is an opening reception to start the evening. (Refreshments included and sponsored by Sixpoint Brewery.) The show is split in two halves, with an intermission. At the end of the second half the special jury and the audience vote, with awards presented at the conclusion of the evening.

Quickie Fest VIII will be held at the SVA Theatre in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan on Saturday August 29th at 7pm.

Feel free to email us at @Quickiefest with any questions.

The Producers


Anna Roisman is a comedian, actress, writer and host in NYC. Anna is the host of HQ Words, on the Emmy nominated HQ Trivia App. She is a regular commentator on Buzzfeed’s series ‘Did You See This?’ and ‘That Literally Happened!’ Anna's work has been featured in The NY Times, Huffington Post, Vulture/Splitsider, Buzzfeed, Funny Or Die, Ad Week, The LA Times, People, WhoHaha, MTV, Comedy Central, College Humor, Elite Daily, and more. She is the creator and host of the new podcast, “Unemployed With Anna Roisman,” a spinoff of her long running livestream show, The Unemployed Show which was a finalist at the 2018 NYTVF in the TruTV competition. Anna went to the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival with a Snapchat short film called, "Owen Wilson Dates Himself"! Anna went to JFL in Montreal with her half hour pilot she co-created called, “This One Time @ Camp.” She is the co-creator & star of the series “There's No Place Like Home” on Elite Daily. Anna has had success creating viral parody videos such as I, NANCY (2018), a dog Homeland Parody, and National Donut Day. Anna is a co-producer and host of Quickie Fest: The One Minute Movie Festival in NYC. Anna performs comedy all over the city, and hosts the show "Fashion Puhleeze.” She also sings with The Losers Lounge at Joe's Pub. For reels, press, and a good time, check out www.AnnaRoisman.com. Also, follow @AnnaRoisman on all social platforms...she makes a lot of soup!


Mike Muntner is a teacher, writer, comedian, actor and producer. Lately Mike has become somewhat of producer extraordinaire creating and hosting the sold-out shows 'Filmnavidad - Christmas Movies made by Comedians,' and 'Filmoween - Scary Movies made by Comedians.' Mike wrote and starred in the 2019 short films "Hershel" and "There There, an Exorcism Story." Mike is one half of Garbage Farts; a comedy duo with 3(!) seasons of content clocking in at a big fat hour and a half. Mike has had two different series runs at Channel 101: "I've Never With Mike Muntner" and "Business Office" the latter of which is a 'Channy Award Winner.'  Mike has appeared in videos featured on Funny or Die, College Humor and Flama, but he's pretty sure they're all out of business by now, right? Right?!!

If you like what you see check out www.garbagefarts.com and binge that content!